Choleric / Melancholy

The ChlorMel

         The choleric/melancholic is very determined, hard-working, and competent.  The sheer optimism and practicality of the choleric overcome the sullen tendency of melancholy, which makes the ChlorMel goal-oriented and detailed.  Such a person generally performs well in school, has a quick analytical mind, but is decisive.  He becomes a complete leader, the type you can always count on to do extraordinary work.  Never debate a ChlorMel unless you are sure of your facts because he will sting you, combining verbal aggression and attention to detail.  This person is hugely competitive and forceful in everything he does.  He is a stubborn investigator and is generally successful, no matter what type of business he pursues.  Natural leadership typically follows this temperament.  A good example of a ChlorMel was General George S. Patton, of the Third Army, United States. During World War II, he forced the Germans back to Berlin.

         Equally as great as his strengths are his weaknesses.  He is apt to be autocratic, a type of dictator who inspires admiration and hatred simultaneously.  He is usually a resourceful talker whose sarcasm can devastate others.  He is a born fighter and a workaholic.  As a ChlorMel, you need to pay attention to harboring considerable hostility and resentment.  Unless you enjoy a good loving relationship with your parents, you will encounter difficulties in interpersonal relationships, particularly with your family.  The ChlorMel Father is apt to be a strict disciplinarian.  It combines the choleric's hard-to-please tendency and melancholy perfectionism.

          The Apostle Paul, appears to be a strong ChlorMel.  Directly before his conversion, he was very hostile and cruel.  The Scriptures teach that he spent his time persecuting and imprisoning Christians. Even after his conversion, his strong determination of will became an unreasonable stubbornness.  He went up to Jerusalem against God's will and warning.  Paul's writings and ministry demonstrate the combination of practical-analytical reasoning and the self-sacrificing but extremely controlling nature of a ChlorMel.  However, when he is controlled by the Holy Spirit, his entire emotional life is transformed.  This is a good example of God's transforming power in the life of a ChlorMel who is completely dedicated to the will of God.