Choleric / Phlegmatic

The ChlorPhleg

          The most balanced of all outgoing temperaments is the ChlorPhleg.  He is a delightful blend of fast, active, and hot with the calm, fresh, and excited.  He is not as apt to rush things as fast as previous extroverts because it is more deliberate and moderate.  He shows extreme capability in the long run, though at first, he doesn't particularly impress you that way.  He is a highly organized person who combines planning and hard work.  People generally enjoy working with him and for him because he knows where he is going and has plotted his course, but he is not too harsh.  The ChlorPhleg has the ability to help others make the best use of his skills, while rarely offending people or making them feel used.  His motto on organization is, "Anything that needs to be done can be done better if it's organized."

          These men are often good husbands and fathers, as well as excellent managers in almost any field.  Despite the apparent capabilities of the ChlorPhleg, he is not void of weakness.  He is not typically known for quick bursts of anger, like other temperaments, but harbors resentment and bitterness easily.  Part of the cutting edge of the "choleric sarcasm" is offset here by the friendly spirit of the phlegmatic.  Rather than making harsh or cruel comments, its spikes are more likely to emerge as cleverly disguised humor.  You are never sure if he is joking or ridiculing, depending on his mood.  No one can be more stubborn than a ChlorPhleg, and once committed, it is challenging for him to change his mind.  Repentance or recognition of a mistake is not easy for him.  Consequently, you will be better able to compensate those whom you have harmed without addressing your error.  The unsettling traits of the phlegmatic of his nature may diminish his adventurous tendencies that he never quite measures up to his capabilities.

          The spiritual son of the Apostle Paul, Titus, lead roughly one hundred churches on the Island of Crete.  When reading about Titus, I can't help but think he was a ChlorPhleg.  When he was filled with the Spirit, he was the type of man that Paul could faithfully depend on to teach the Word to the churches and manage them with capacity for the glory of God.  The book Paul wrote to him is an ideal read for any teacher, particularly a ChlorPhleg.