Choleric / Sanguine

The ChlorSan

          The second strongest temperament blend will be the reverse of the first, the SanChlor.  This man's life is entirely devoted to activity.  The majority of his efforts are productive and purposeful but watch his recreation.  He is so prone to activities that it borders on being violent.  He is a natural promoter and seller, with enough charisma to get along with others.  Certainly, the best motivator of people, and one who thrives on a challenge, is almost fearless and exhibits boundless energy.  His wife often comments, "It has only two speeds: open and stop."

         The ChlorSan is the court attorney who can charm the sincerest judge and jury.  During a fundraiser he can make people contribute what they were trying to save.  This man never goes unnoticed, like a preacher who combines the practical teaching of the Bible and church administration.  The politician who talks to his state to change his constitution so that he can represent them once again.  A convincing debater, what he lacks in facts or arguments, he invents with bravado or swagger.  As a teacher, he is an excellent communicator, particularly in the social sciences; he is rarely attracted to mathematics, science, or the abstract.

          Whatever the professional occupation, their brain is always on the go.  This man's weaknesses, chief among which is hostility, are as vast as his talents. It combines the rapid and explosive anger of the blunt (without forgiveness) and the burning resentment of the choleric.  He is the only personality type who not only has ulcers but gives them to others.  Impatient with those who don't share his motivation and energy, he prides himself on being brutally frank (some call him sarcastically blunt).  It is difficult for him to focus on one thing for a long time, so he often recruits others to finish what was started.  He is stubborn, prejudiced, brash, and inclined to complete a project that probably shouldn't have started in the first place.  If God does not control him, he can justify everything he does, and rarely hesitate to manipulate or walk on other people to achieve his ends. Most ChlorSans are so engrossed in their work that they neglect their wife and family, even attacking them if they complain.  However, once you understand the importance of giving love and approval to your family, you can transform your entire family.

          James, the author of the biblical book that bears his name, could well have been a ChlorSan.  The main idea of the book states that "faith without works is dead" - a favorite concept of the choleric.  He used the practical and logical reasoning of a choleric, but he was a highly esteemed man of God.  Discuss a human weakness: the fire of the tongue and how no man can control it (James 3), is directly related to the most vulnerable characteristic of this temperament.  We all know that the ChlorSans have an active and sharp tongue.  His victory and evident productivity in the cause of Christ is a significant example of any thoughtful ChlorSan.