Counseling Sessions

Session 1 12/21/2018
Session 2 (Date)  
Session 3 (Date)

Name  Melody Maxwell 
Date    12/21/2018   
Cell Phone (818)929-2713
                46-421 Holokaa St.
Address   Kaneohe, HI 96744

Birthday  November 4, 1956
Occupation       Flight Attendant  
Married Since   1972
Times Married  0

Spouse:  Mark Melleok   
Child 1:  Morgan Melleok (F) (38)   
Child 2:  Kyle Melleok (M) (21)   
Child 3:  
Child 4:
Child 5:

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    Personality Profile
19   Melancholy
 9    Phlegmatic
21   Choleric
 7    Sanguine

    Attachment Styles/God's Design
 2  AVO: Avoidant Attachment Style POSITIVE SELF/NEGATIVE OTHER
     ("Grass is greener on my side of the fence “I am the smart one. You are not.”)
 3  Anx/Amb: Anxious/Ambivalent Attachment Style NEGATIVE view of SELF/POSITIVE       view of OTHER
     (Grass is greener on your side of the fence. “You are the smart one.” I am not.”)
 3  DIS: Disorganized Attachment Style NEGATIVE view of SELF/NEGATIVE view of             OTHERS
     (Satan lied to us about who God is, Who I am and who you are! “No one knows              who to trust.”)

 8  SEC: Secure Attachment Style POSITIVE view of SELF/POSITIVE view of OTHER
     (Green Pastures “We have that loving feeling.” God says we are both designed in            His image. I trust Me with God and You with God.)

   Counseling Outline
 x  Coaching Agreement
 x  Personality Test
 x  Attachment Test
 x  Basic Belief -                     
    Pray the word/HW x 2 copies with homework assignment
 x  Active Listening
    Personality Teaching
    Husband's History: Mother/Father
    Wife's History: Mother/Father x 2
    Attachment Teaching x 3 -
    4 False Beliefs x 3 -
    Wounded or Dangerous x 3
    Conflict Resolution
     5 Steps to addiction
     5 Steps out of addiction
     God's Love the way out of all problems
     Conflict Resolution
 x   Don't Believe everything you see/hear (computer & paper)
     Responsible "To" or "For"
     Work Sheets
     Christ Centered Counseling