Melancholy / Phlegmatic

The MelPhleg

          The best scholars the world has ever known have primarily been MelPhlegs.  They are not as prone to hostility and generally get along with each other.  These phenomenally gifted introverts combine the analytical perfectionism of melancholy with the organized efficiency of the phlegmatic.  They are usually good-natured humanitarians who prefer a calm and solitary environment for study and research to the endless rounds of activities that seek out the more outgoing temperaments.  MelPhlegs are usually excellent writers and mathematicians. These talented people have greatly benefited humanity and have made most of the world's major medical inventions and discoveries.  Despite their abilities, MelPhleg, like the rest of us, have weaknesses.  Unless controlled by God, you are easily discouraged and develop a very negative thought pattern.  However, once you realize that it is a sin to develop a spirit of criticism and learn to rejoice, your whole outlook on life can be transformed.  A calm person is generally capable of anger and hostility because of a vengeful tendency.

          MelPhlegs are especially vulnerable to fear, anxiety, and negative self-image.  It is baffling how highly intelligent, skilled people are often victims of low self-esteem and self-worth.  Their tendency to be conscientious often puts them into making commitments that drain their energy and creativity.  When filled with the Spirit of God, these people are admired and loved by everyone because of their self-discipline and dedication.  Humanitarian concerns can create situations where they neglect their family.  Learning to slow down, relax, and enjoy life is crucial for them so that they don't become an early mortality statistic.

          John, the Apostle, is one of the most beloved and, therefore, likely candidates for a MelPhleg in the Bible.  His compassionate nature begun when he was young.  Remember, when a loving John put his head on the chest of Jesus at the Lord's Supper?  Then on another occasion, he was so angry with some people that he asked the Lord Jesus to call fire from heaven to strike them.  John was the only disciple, during the crucifixion, who stood by Jesus. John was the one who the dying Jesus entrusted to his mother.  Later, the disciple became a great church leader and left us five books in the New Testament, two of which (the Gospel of John and the Book of Revelation) particularly glorify Jesus Christ.