Phlegmatic / Choleric

The PhlegChlor

          The PhlegChlor is most active of all phlegmatics.  Remember that since you are predominantly phlegmatic, you will never be a fireball.  Like his phlegmatic brother, he is easy to get along with and can be an excellent leader.  The phlegmatic has real potential to be an outstanding counselor.  His genuine interest in people makes him an excellent listener, and he doesn't interrupt and talk about himself.  The PhlegChlor rarely offers his service; however, when you come to his organized office where he exercises control, he is a world-class professional.  His advice will be practical, helpful, and if he is a Bible-taught Christian, he will be entirely trustworthy.  His calm, kind spirit never makes people feel threatened.  He always does the right thing, but rarely goes beyond the norm.  If his spouse can adjust to his passive lifestyle and his lack of initiative at home, particularly in his children's discipline, they can enjoy a happy marriage.

          The weaknesses of the PhlegChlor are not apparent, but they gradually surface, especially at home.  When in fear, they can lack motivation, be decidedly stubborn and inflexible.  They do not exploit others but refuse to yield or cooperate.  They are not a fighter by nature but often let his anger and stubbornness reflect silently.  The PhlegChlor usually retires to his "workshop" alone or nightly dips his mind into TV.  The older he gets, the more selfishly he indulges in his quiet time and becomes more passive. The PhlegChlor will probably live a long and peaceful life, especially if he indulges in these passive feelings.  It will be a boring life, not only for himself but also for his family.  Surrendering to the concerns and needs of your family are going to be a struggle for you but will help you grow in the Spirit.

          Abraham, in the Old Testament, personifies the PhlegChlor best.  If left unchecked, fear will characterize everything you do. Remember when Abraham wouldn't leave the city of Ur because he felt safe in a pagan city?  He even denied his wife twice and tried to pass her off as his sister out of fear.  He eventually gave himself entirely to God and grew spiritually.  Ironically, his greatest weakness became his greatest strength.  Even now, Abraham is not known as "fearful Abraham," he is known as the man who "believed in the Lord, and counted it to him for righteousness." (Genesis 15:6 NIV)