Sanguine / Choleric

The SanChlor

          The strongest extrovert of all temperament blends will be the SanChlor, as the two temperaments that make up his nature are both extroverts.  The sanguine side will be happy, charismatic, and enthusiastic; he is a people-oriented salesperson.  The choleric part will provide the resolve necessary and character traits to shape an individual somewhat more organized and productive than if he were a pure sanguine.  Any people-oriented career is open to him.  To maintain his interest the job must offer variety, activity, and enthusiasm.

          The potential weaknesses of a SanChlor are generally evident to everyone because he is a very external person.  He usually talks too much, exposing himself and his weaknesses for all to see.  He is very stubborn. Consequently, he speaks out loud even before he knows all the facts.  Honestly, no other temperament has more problems with their mouth! If you are the ”life of the party,” you are loved; however, if you feel intimidated or insecure, you can become horribly unpleasant.  Your biggest hurdle (emotional) will be anger.  In fear, your anger will catapult you into action at the slightest provocation.  Since you combine the easy forgetfulness of the sanguine and the choleric’s overwhelming need to be right, you may not have a very active conscience. Consequently, it tends to justify its actions. Like any other temperament, mankind needs to be filled daily with the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.

          Simon Peter, the self-appointed leader of the twelve apostles, is a classic example of a New Testament Saint.  He obviously had trouble with his mouth, demonstrating this repeatedly by speaking before anyone else could. He spoke more in the Gospels than everyone else put together, and most of what he said was wrong.  He was egotistical, weak-willed, and carnal throughout the Gospels.   In Acts, however, he was a remarkably transformed man-resolute, effective, and productive. What made the difference was being filled with the Holy Spirit.