Sanguine Personality Type...

The Action Person
Underlying need: Constant encouragement and approval 

God did not make a dysfunctional personality type... 

The Sanguine is lively, social creatures, talkative, and pleasure seekers. They make friends quickly, have great imaginations, and attract others to them by their acceptance and their openness of people. Because of their childlike nature, circumstances are either over the top wonderful or the worst possible events ever with little room in between.
Sanguine being time-challenged have trouble with follow through because it is easy for them to get distracted by other events (they do not want to miss out on anything) so many times they forget the task in front of them, are pulled in another direction and are often late for appointments. They can also be disorganized, warmhearted, and optimistic.

When operating in Love, the Sanguine is…

The Extrovert | The Talker | the Optimist
Characteristic needs: Fun and Excitement
Greatest underlining need: Constant encouragement and approval

Relating to Peter as a Sanguine

Of all of the Lords Disciples Peter was the king of inappropriate speech and actions, he seemly was unable to focus on what mattered. Earlier when Jesus turned an unsuccessful night of fishing into a huge blessing, Peter declared "Lord depart from me for I am an evil man,"
When the Lord tried to warn him of the falling away, and the scattering of the disciples Peter's pledge was "Lord even if they all desert you, I never will,"
Peter declared to the Lord, "Do not go to Lazarus house if he sleeps he will wake up."
Peter could not stay awake in the Garden of Gethsemane.
Peter decided to fight with his sword when they came for Jesus in the Garden.
Then Peter just a short time later denied even knowing Jesus to the accusing woman, when our Lord Jesus was beginning the trial for His life.
Peter, the fisherman, became Peter, the disciple as he walked with Jesus. Peter, the disciple, had doubts, fears, and confusion that kept him from being all he wanted to be, then came the filling of the Holy Spirit and a change took place in this disciple. After the day of Pentecost, there was little left of the Peter we had come to know. With the filling of the Holy Spirit, Peter had an apparent steadiness and power in His life to walk in Love and victory instead of Fear and defeat. Thus proving the Sanguine personality does not change, but surrendering to the Holy Spirit changes our Basic Belief System, which changes our whole way of thinking from Fear to love. Peter was still a leader, but his base of operations changed, in Acts 4 we see a Spirit-dominated Peter operating in the Love of God instead of the Fear that had confused him in his pre-Spirit filled days. With the leading of Love, Peter used his voice to preach Jesus Christ in power. From this point on the consistency and control, Peter had was with little of the self-seeking tendencies of before. He was still a leader, but his conduct shows a Spirit-dominated articulation and restraint that was foreign to the way he had functioned previously. Peter became the head of the early Christian Church. 

The Sanguine when operating in LOVE

Needs: Fun, Excitement and Affirmation

Sanguine is the "let's have fun" People, others are attracted to them because it is so apparent they are accepted by the Sanguine. Their motto is "Let's enjoy today and have a good time'.

Their favorite scriptures:

"We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28 (KJV)

"My God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19 (NIV) 

The Huckleberry Finn Syndrome

Sanguine are storytellers deluxe! There are no strangers to Sanguine, from saying hello they become your friends. While others hesitate, Sanguine, being prolific talkers, opens conversations with anyone available. They can make the retelling of any experience a fun, detailed adventure, even if they have to stretch the truth a bit. They do not call this lying just creative storytelling to make the facts more exciting. They love to be the center of attention, the more people, the better and they can be ready to take the stage at the slightest pause in the conversation.
The Sanguine are emotional and demonstrative, they see the excitement in each experience, and they retell the event with that same or more excitement.
Sanguine is outgoing and optimistic; they are touchy-feely people who like to keep in close contact with those they are talking to by holding on to them. Could it be they are afraid their audience is going to get away?
You quickly can pick a sanguine out of a crowd (they are the ones talking the loudest and the longest) they tell their best stories to an appreciative audience.
Since Sanguine always does things with flair, they seem to be living more exciting lives than their friends. It is not that what they do is so unusual, but that their retelling of any event adds to its accuracy. Sanguine is envied by others because their experiences seem so fun filled Sanguine seem to have the most fun in life or at least make it sound as if they do. 

Names, #, Numbers, @, *, Dates? Oh My!!!

Sanguine has a good memory for interesting, colorful points in a story, the same does not apply to non-people communication data. They are too busy making sure they don't miss anything that is going on around them to pay attention to the small details (like numbers, addresses, names, dates, passcodes, and oh yes… the facts!)
Being on time is another problem they have, time is for others to keep and just a suggestion for Sanguine. If you have ever been waiting in a Resturant for your Sanguine to appear only to find out they are waiting at the same named restaurant at a different location in the same town, life can get very interesting.
Sanguine can disappear for hours with a simple task or going to the store for one item. They merely think of other things to do while they are out, without telling those who are waiting and failing to call and tell them.
After about 10 years of this happening, I (LaRue a Melancholy) have decided to think of it as "cute" instead of maddening. The thanks go to Lisa Bevere for that tip! Cell phones have certainly helped with this problem.
They are great at being the face of any business. Because of the charming, friendly, and light-hearted personality, Sanguines excel as receptionists, public relations, sales, or any place they can be in front of and talk to people. Sometimes they talk too much trying to convince others of their point of view.
Hint to Sanguine, people usually get the short version. If they missed the point and if they are interested, you can take a breath, and they can ask!
My memory (Bob) of my mother's stories is that many times they went very loooong, but If you had to leave the room in the middle of her story no problem, Mother would continue with the story dramatically without pausing, and you would just miss out on the part that she told while you were gone. Your loss!
I just noticed that this recounting of the Sanguine Mother's story, has been shared with you, the reader, written by her Sanguine son and it took longer in the retelling than our other stories. (Go Figure)
Sanguine has inborn self-centeredness that makes them need to be in the middle of any endeavor where people are involved. They bring their smiles, hugs, and friendship, along with their fun (hopefully short) stories, making them the life of the party that provides them with the encouragement and approval they need. The way to get the attention of a Sanguine is to be interested in any kind of project of their interest. Sanguine think as they speak, not think and then speak. If you can get in to ask questions about their project, it will help them firm up their plans, and they will think you are a brilliant person.
Sanguines appear to be naive and have the innocence of childlike simplicity. This works well for them as they are pliable and changeable to situations, their attention can change on a dime when a more exciting idea comes. They are sincere at heart and genuinely want to help others. But their enthusiasm and curiosity many times carry them away from their original mission. Their optimism of making work fun and seeing the beauty all around them keeps them from wanting to see any negative side or deal with the weeds in an otherwise "beautiful garden."
Sanguine is enthusiastic over almost everything. Whatever you bring up, they want to do, and wherever you are going, they want to go. They want to be involved in what you are doing for Fear that they will miss something fun. Even if going with you means they forget their original plans or responsibility.
I (LaRue) have a Sanguine friend who packs her day from morning to night with people, causes, and meetings. If she doesn't have three or four things going on in a day, she feels like she is slacking off. I ask her one day, "why"? She looked at me with the wide-eyed innocence of a Sanguine and replied: "I really don't know." My evaluation would be that she loves people and needs constant involvement and acceptance.
When walking in Love, they are open to great ideas and new challenges countered with creative activities. In any meeting, it is the Sanguine who dreams up the plans, gets the vision for the project but seeing them through is the problem. Sanguine can always come up with bright and creative ideas and seem to have a spark needed to motivate Melancholy or Choleric friends into carrying them out to a productive conclusion.
One Chloric husband with a Sanguine wife, laughing told us, "my wife is always into something, but she wants five other people in it with her. I have come to believe she needs the people to do the work of her bright ideas and keep her on schedule and that's OK with them because everybody loves Margie."
Sanguine will volunteer for anything to be helpful and Positive. The problem is you can't count on them (by themselves); they often do not follow through because their minds are going in so many directions they don't remember what they volunteered to do. Sanguines need constant help to remember.
Sanguine leadership takes a quantum leap forward when they realize they are starters and need people who are finishers.

The following is a description of the personalities for the Sanguine. This list will help the Sanguine determine who they need to get the job done:

- Melancholy (Disciple Thomas) The Clarifier to firm up the truth.
- Sanguine (Disciple Peter) to Speak out with power.
- Chloric (Disciple Paul) to "get-err done, now" with zeal.
- Phlegmatic (Father Abraham) to promote peace.

The Sanguine humor in its purest form is typically designed to accomplish one thing "let's move on from here to a better place." The sanguine lives in the present and not in the future. They see the funny side to almost every situation and can point to nearly every case and find a reason to hope. It is hard for the Sanguine to take a negative position because to them, everything positive is life itself. The glass is always half full to them.
To the people loving Sanguine tears come quickly and easily when hurt by others, or they see others pain. However, our Sanguine can almost always find a way out of the tears and lead others to a positive solution after the crying is over.
The sanguine is a prolific joke teller and if given a chance, can many times see the way to make others laugh, even when they want to cry.
As you begin to understand the personalities, you can apply this wisdom into every area of life. The correct use of this knowledge will keep you from many mistakes and help you as you deal with people. 

When operating in Fear, the Sanguine is…

Show off | Interrupts | Scatter-brained
Characteristic needs: Fun and Excitement
Personality need: Sense of value as a person 

When Walking in FEAR!
Anger is another name for Fear

Because the Sanguine has a love for people, they can perceive hurt from them whether the hurt is intentional or not.
The sanguine self-centered nature brings the Fear of being wrong and losing the approval they need so much from others. This makes their anger challenging to understand.
The Sanguine has a quick temper, and it can erupt at any time. This seems to be connected to their overwhelming need to be right and have things go their way. The person with this mindset feels as if they must be on alert to keep things on a positive path, and they need to make sure that the WHOLE STORY is told!
Sanguine anger is somewhat childlike, it can flare up and be over and forgotten just as quickly. However, their many aggressive words are hard and insensitive and will affect the relationship negatively. Because after the blowup it is over for the Sanguine, but not so for the receiver of their anger, the sheer volume and amount of hurtful words do not go away for them. The receiver of the anger is left to pick them self-up and try to deal with their hurt. The Sanguine, however, can say they are sorry and don't understand why the target of their words is still upset. If the Sanguine says, they are sorry why that doesn't just do it?
A Sanguine frequently uses an Aggressive anger management style (I am Right at any cost) Forgiveness for an offense usually is easy to arrive at by this people lover. However, this Aggressive anger management style is always very damaging to them and others.
If the Sanguine can learn to withhold the anger until it cools down or until they can move to an Assertive anger management style (I recognize this is your position /this is my position) they will benefit significantly in relationships. This way of handling anger recognizes the value of the person in which you are in disagreement without destroying them. Being right or making a point in an argument is never more important than the people involved, understanding this will make the Sanguine a more effective communicator. They will be heard and not run people out of their lives.
Many times Sanguine are disorganized and get lost in other things very quickly to the degree that they lose track of what they are engaged in at the present time, they forget where they are going or what they are doing. They have a tendency to lay down or misplace whatever they have in their hand and forget where they put it, they lose their cell phones, keys, and other important "stuff." Distractions and being disorganized are dangerous to the Sanguine potential and success in life until they learn to be intentional about details or have a "Melancholy" to help them. (LaRue is my Melancholy)
A Sanguine pastor friend of mine was talking to his wife on his phone when he noticed the time. In a panic, he began to look for his phone as he told his wife "I have to leave right now to get to the church on time, but I have just got to find my phone!" To which his Phlegmatic wife replied, "Just get in your car, Honey and head for the church I'm pretty sure the phone will be there when you get there," Smart lady.
Sanguine is funny and fascinating and never let the truth stand in the way of a good story. In their light-hearted way, they will tell you that they are not lying—they are just "remembering creatively" to make the facts more interesting (funny but it destroys creditability) and keeps the Sanguine from being able to work on improving themselves. You cannot change what you refuse to see needs to change.) DON'T LIE! "Lying lips are an abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truthfully are his delight." Proverbs 12:22 (NKJV)
When walking in Love Sanguine, because of their childlike perspective can bring an abundance of life and laughter into a relationship, they can make virtually anything fun. Each strength and weakness can alter a Sanguine for good or bad.

        When walking in LOVE- They are charming and beguiling
        When walking in Fear- They can become defensive
        When walking in LOVE- They have enticing words  
        When walking in Fear- Their words are destructive
        When walking in LOVE- They live in the present
        When walking in Fear- They are controlled by circumstances
        When walking in LOVE- They apologize quickly
        When walking in Fear- They get angry easily
        When walking in LOVE- They have energy and enthusiasm
        When walking in Fear- They would rather talk than work

Sanguine live in a world of their own and will let you enjoy the fruit of that land with just little acceptance and encouragement from you. Acceptance and encouragement is the key to their heart. They don't like housework or yard work, or problems and can be very messy at home. But they can learn to be house-broke and pick up after themselves, and they are very proud of themselves when they do it, (hahaha). A gentle nudge or modeling is the best way to accomplish this.
The Sanguine (dreamer) with a childlike temperament is materialistic and needs instant gratification. They often feel discounted and see their mate as a hindrance instead of a helper when their practical mate shoots holes in their big ideas.
Their mate feels the need to make sure everything is organized and running smoothly and can see the Sanguine ideas as unrealistic and irresponsible. Their mate often becomes the parent in the marriage.
Sanguine see the important thing in life as being with the people and having a good time. A Melancholy spouse sees organization and planning as stabilizing and essential. Thus opens the door for prayer or problems.
Because of their Fear of disapproval, the Sanguine will not respond well to criticism. Their spouse can keep the fear level down with a few well-chosen words of praise to neutralize them. Acceptance of the Sanguine's person and understanding of his purpose is at the core of his basic needs.
Unfortunately, many times, the Sanguine has developed an Anxious/Ambivalent Attachment Style. This magnifies the need to say and do things to gain approval and brush past mistakes that have deeply wounded the sensitive mate. The remedy is to move on to the Secure attachment style that we are all designed to operate in. For more information on this, please read about the attachments in your profile. "Attachments" by Dr. Tim Clinton & Dr. Gary Sibcy. 

Parenting as a Sanguine

Sanguine bring their "let's have fun "attitudes into their parenting style. It is fun and laughter, make-believe, and storytelling, whatever the children are into the Sanguine parents will make it happen. The sanguine is a permissive parent with the heart of a child, they love fun and being in front of an audience. However, a problem can arise between a child and a parent if the child doesn't react favorably to the parents' humor. Only Sanguines understand the Sanguine approach to humor, and they can get into a competition with their child for "the stage." Especially if the child's friends prefer the parent to the child.
A Sanguine parent needs approval from their children as much as the child needs approval from their parent. However, if the parent is not the center of attention, they may lose interest in the child and find something else more fun to do. They often seem to take the attitude "I'll take care of me first" (because without me there will be no show").
There are, however, problem areas of parenting even for this happy go lucky parent. Since it isn't fun to be consistent and a disciplinarian, the Sanguine can easily disappear when problems arise. Because of their lack of organizational skill, they will reject the hard work of keeping track of schedules, and mundane chores related to raising children or anything else that is not fun. Sanguine leave these chores to their more responsible spouse to deal with; thus, the mate becomes the parent to the child and the spouse.
When the Sanguine doesn't want the responsibility of the teenager or adult child's demands, they leave. Sanguine can quickly disappear when the children need help. If the Sanguine secondary personality is Choleric, this struggle may not be quite so serious, this brings a more responsible and organized temperament into play.

Train up a child in the way he should go [and in keeping with his individual gift or bent], and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6 (AMP)

Raise up a child in the way he should go, not in the way you want him/her to go. They each have their own personality (bent). Children reveal their temperament early in life so:

Paying attention will help you decide what they need.

They will need different training,
1. Sanguine needs activity
2. Melancholy needs order and consistency
3. Phlegmatic needs peace and quiet
4. Choleric needs to be in charge.

Recognizing each personality type is vital to understanding your child's development. If the words of the above Proverb are right, then each child has a certain bent, which makes him or her different from other children in the family.
Since Sanguine Children are born with their own set of unique temperament traits, the pattern begins to show up very early in life. Sanguines babies are happy and cheerful, love people, they are inquisitive and can find fun in anything.
Parents have a blueprint from God to give them tools to discern the BENT of each child and to encourage their strengths and overcome the weaknesses in the most loving way possible.

A very young child can only grasp Love in two ways:

1. Physical touch and affection, Hugging, kissing, sitting close, and being held
2. Verbal communication
a) Looking the child in the eye
b) Listening to the child's thoughts and feelings
c) Singing, talking, laughing with the child

Parents that spend the time to listen to the child's thoughts and feelings, and get to know their children will produce children that grow up feeling loved and accepted.
The only way Satan could get anyone to choose his game program was by a system of lies about who God is, who our fellow mankind is and who we are. The fundamental way Satan implements his program is by techniques that cause us to become so afraid we can't think straight. 2 Tim 1:7.
Sanguine has a great need to feel valued as a person. The more powerful temperaments like the choleric and melancholy tend to steam-roll the adaptable Sanguine and then display a lack of respect as they pass. The quite, gentle phlegmatic easily blends into the background and longs to feel valued for their unsung contributions to life. The phlegmatic seems to be quietly saying, "Hey, I'm alive, too! "
Beyond this universal need, each child has a personality need. Understanding the temperaments' gives us a special grasp of the particular "way" or the needs of each child. Continue to go back through the personalities and study their strength when operating in Love and weakness when operating in Fear. This will help us deal with some trouble areas for each child's personality and suggest some tools for dealing when them. Remember that the opposite of LOVE is not hate it is FEAR. 2 Tim 1:7