Sanguine / Melancholy

The SanMel

          SanMels are emotional people who often fluctuate dramatically. They can laugh hysterically one minute and cry the next. Don't tell a sad story, ask them to observe another person's tragic situation, or listen to melancholic music because they will crying profusely. They really feel the pain of others. Basically, any field is open to them, especially public speaking, acting, music, and the fine arts.

          SanMels reflect an uninhibited perfectionism that often sets them apart from everyone else because they verbalize all their criticism. They are generally people-oriented and have enough substance to contribute to other lives as long as their egotism and smugness don't make them so unpleasant, others become hostile towards them. Both sanguine and melancholic are "the dreamers". Therefore, if the melancholic part of their temperament suggests a negative (fearful) train of thought, it can sabotage the potential of SanMel. It is easy for him to get discouraged. This person, more than most others, will have an anger problem and a tendency to fear. Both of these temperaments suffer from an issue of insecurity; it is not uncommon to be afraid to of your potential. Being admired by others is vital, and it will lead (drive) to a constant performance level within him.

          King David is a classic illustration of SanMel's temperament. An extremely nice man who attracted men and women; It was colorful, dramatic, emotional, and weak in character. He could play the harp and sing, clearly demonstrated a poetic instinct in his Psalms, and made decisions on impulse.

          Unfortunately, like many SanMels, he littered his life with a series of disastrous and costly mistakes before gaining enough self-discipline to finish his destiny. All SanMels, of course, can't pick up the pieces of their lives and start again, as David did. They should walk in the Spirit daily and avoid such mistakes.